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Careers at INVOID

Email resume to careers@invoid.com

We offer Competetive salaries knowing that:  Skills for network security jobs are among the most demanded today, and will be more so in the days to come.

Security Analyst (entry position) March 20

• Experience with xBSD, Linux, Windows, Java, Perl, C, SQL
• Working knowledge of Apache, PHP, SSH, SSL, TCP/IP
• Information Security background preferred
• Network Design and layout
• Must be bondable
• Occasional travel opportunities depended on skills
• Competitive salary
• Job based in NYC.
If resume is considered Interviews will take place in New York City, directions will be provided.

Current Avalable Jobs: 1

general guidelines:
Please send all e-mail in plain text format. HTML formatted messages are non-standard and our e-mail queue system does not always handle them properly. For security reasons, we do not accept MS Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.) or any Windows executables.

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